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October 2, 2017: Assiniboine Lodge, the Naiset Huts Cooking Cabin and the Hind Hut are closed for the season.  The Naiset Huts are open in the off-season, but you need to bring you own compressed fire logs for the woodstoves located inside the hut for heating and bring your own campstove/cooking gear.  You must cook outside.  There is no charge to stay at Naiset during the off-season, but we do ask that you let us know one week in advance if you plan to stay at Naiset.  You are on your own for any emergencies that occur in the off-season.


Assiniboine Provincial Park campgrounds are open in the off-season (there is no charge for off-season camping).  You need to be prepared for winter camping and you are on your own for any emergencies that occur in the off-season.  


We are taking bookings for Summer 2018 for Assiniboine Lodge.  Please call us at 403-678-2883 or email us at for availability.


We will begin accepting reservations for Naiset Huts for Summer 2018 on January 15, 2018 by telephone only at 403-678-2883.  We receive a very large volume of calls when bookings open up, so you have to keep calling until you get through to us.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm, Mountain Standard Time.


We are taking bookings for Winter 2018 at Assiniboine Lodge and the Naiset Huts.  Please call us at 403-678-2883 or email us at for availability.


Thanks for staying with us!

Whether summer or winter, hiking, skiing or snowshoeing, we would love to hear from you. Share how your time was with us....the hospitality, the food, the fun, the choices of things to do.  

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WINTER 2018: February 9 - April 2

We are now accepting bookings for our Winter 2018 ski season at both Assiniboine Lodge and the Naiset Huts.  Please contact us by phone at 403-678-2883 or email at for availability.

SUMMER 2018, Assiniboine Lodge: June 24 - Sept 30

Please contact us after November 15 to inquire about availability for Summer, 2018.

SUMMER 2018, Naiset Huts: JUNE 24 - SEPT 30

We will begin taking bookings for the Naiset Huts on January 15, 2018 at 8:30am, MST by telephone only.


Oct 18, 2017: Simpson River Trail to Surprise Creek Cabin, Surprise Creek Trail to Ferro Pass and Eohippus Lake Trail are closed until further notice.

Due to damage sustained during the 2017 Verdant Creek forest fire, the Simpson River trail from the boundary of Kootenay National Park to the Surprise Creek Cabin, the entire Surprise Creek trail from Surprise Cabin to Ferro Pass, and the Eohippus Lake Trail will remain closed until fire damage can be properly assessed and repaired.

The lower Simpson River trail (below Porcupine Campground) and Scoup Camp have not been maintained for well over a decade.  This area was heavily impacted by the Verdant Creek fire.  BC parks will continue to not maintain any sort of trail or route through this area, or re-build old remnants of Scoup campground.  Visitors using this recently fire damaged area do so at their own risk.

On Oct 7, 2015 a large landslide occurred on the low angled slopes of Mount Cautley, above the Magog Lake area. It is unknown whether further slide activity will occur in this area. BC Parks requests, for public safety, that visitors to the area stay well away from the event and its run out downslope.

The Simpson River suspension bridge located near the Surprise Creek cabin has been permanently REMOVED due to safety concerns caused by flood damage in the Spring of 2015. Fording the Simpson River is not recommended.


Watch our winter video:
 Assiniboine Winter Magic

Take a step back into Canadian history and have a mountain adventure like no other. Built in 1928, Assiniboine Lodge is the first ski lodge in the Canadian Rockies. Retaining it's rustic charm of the past, the comfortable and cozy accommodations are the perfect base to explore the spectacular surroundings. The full service lodge welcomes 30 guests in 7 private cabins and 5 lodge rooms. Accessible from Canmore, guests enjoy guided hiking and ski touring, great fresh hearty food, warm showers, saunas and goose down duvets.  The Assiniboine family welcomes people with an adventurous spirit who are ready to be inspired by the mountains and beautiful meadows. Extraordinary experiences are served daily.

Assiniboine Lodge is located in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park in British Columbia. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Assiniboine is a place of soaring glacier clad peaks, alpine meadows filled with larch trees, wildflowers and powder snow, turquoise lakes and remote wilderness. The Park is 28 kilometeres from the nearest road and accessible by helicopter, hiking or skiing.

Assiniboine Lodge manages the Campgrounds and operates basic overnight shelters at the Naiset Huts for hikers and skiers and the Hind Hut for climbers.


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